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Rewards program

Unfortunately, loyalty has become a rare virtue these days. We believe that this virtue should be revived and your loyalty rewarded. Register for our rewards program and receive points for every € uro you spend. There are also extra points for actions taken.
The points are worth cash!
The first 250 points receive you immediately!
Here you can sign up for that Sign up for a bonus program.
With this program we would like to thank you - our loyal customer - and give something back.
You help us - we help you = win-win situation!
And if you recommend us to your friends, you can secure a discount for your friends and receive additionally also points for it.
The good thing is, there is no hurdle - you can register immediately and collect points from the very first moment. You don't even have to have been a customer by now. Easy sign in and get started.
It has many other promotions that you can use to collect points. You can exchange these for vouchers that you either use yourself or give away.
The rewards program includes, among other things, promotions in which you get points
  • for every € uro you spend while shopping
  • for visiting our FB page
  • for recommendations
  • for a birthday
You can also click on "Rewards" below and take a quick look at the program.